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            The God of Reason is written in purely  conceptual terms  with  no  math-
     ematical formulas or calculations.  Bayes Theorem is, however, a very powerful
     tool with very  specific  applications  for a given phenomenon or hypothesis.  The
     following  addendum are offered to those more discerning readers who would like
     to see the underlying  Bayesian  analyses  upon which the book bases it's premises.


    A brief introduction 
    to  Bayes'  Theorem.

    A numerical analysis of
    the prospect of an infinite
    and infinitesimal universe

    A Bayesian derivation of the
    first two rules of discovery

     Due to contrary evidence (period discrepancies in          A paper on the Bayesian Universe              
     his vestment) this portriat is only probably that of            The Hierarchical Universe
                                  Thomas Bayes.                                                          
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